Why Catalyst Women

Learn, create and collaborate in a space held by women.

Catalyst Women is a space for learning, collaboration, and creation rooted in behaviors and intentions that support women as builders within Cardano. 

Our aim is to give women the confidence to take action and participate to their full potential within Catalyst, where they might otherwise have remained as an observer. 

Why is this necessary?

When the subtle but powerful differences between males and females are celebrated and optimized in collaboration ecosystems thrive, empathy soars, personal development grows. Communication, confidence, leadership, and teamwork are maximized to their full potential.

People naturally draw confidence and cues about how they should behave from the culture of their environment. How they perceive themselves within the environment, how comfortable they feel to contribute, and how their ideas and inputs are received impact their desire to take action.

In any given environment, the minority group is on the backfoot when it comes to the culture of the space being aligned with their way of being. Unless however, the people in this environment are highly self-aware and have the ability to overcome inbuilt biases and overpowering behaviors. Or, the individual has a high degree of confidence and a strong ability to communicate to the dominant group. 

Less than 5% of Cardano are women.

When there are significantly fewer women in an environment, the unbalanced nature of that environment has shown to favor the male majority way of operating, and to miss beneficial approaches that are not considered. For many women, this means they are less likely to voice their opinions and ideas and less likely to be heard. 

So we created this inclusive space in the name of women, as an environment to allow everyone to be heard, to nurture new ideas, build trusted relationships, and provide pathways into Catalyst.

Carado Women is a testing and development ground for ideas and initiatives that, over time, will bring more balance to environments within Catalyst.  We seek collaboration with everyone so that the people building within Cardano are able to contribute to their full potential, and are representative of the people of the world. 

Come and join us and experience the space for yourself. 

How to join the break-out rooms? You need to register for the main town hall event via this recurring link and you are good to go.