Women Involved Stake Pools

TICKER Website Missions
OZZYhttps://ozzy-pool.com/ The OZZY pool believes strongly in charity and we are dedicated to donating to Cancer Research following the loss of our father to the disease.
21 ADAhttps://www.21ada.ca/Furthering the Decentralization and Adoption of Cardano while educating, creating & giving back!
21% of the pool’s operational profits, aka not delegator’s rewards, are donated to funding a water well for a rural community in Ethiopia.
Earn passive income while enabling us to bring clean water to Ethiopian communities.
DEADhttps://deadpoolcrypto.com/Host of Ada Angels. South Korea. We value transparency and integrity in our business.
ONE1https://adapool.one/pages/english_main.htmlONE1 is a responsible Stake Pool that aims to support Cardano to achieve decentralization by installing our own physical servers and nodes in order to avoid recentralization in few cloud service providers. By staking your ADA in ONE1 you are helping to support the real physical decentralization of the network contributing to a new, more equitable world. We will also donate part of the reward to support different charities mainly in Argentina, Taiwan and Australia.
TAILShttps://www.metromermaids.com/Metro Mermaids mission is to restore and protect our oceans! We are a Great Lakes based charity focused Cardano Stake Pool with nodes operating in St. Louis, Missouri and Düsseldorf, Germany. We donate 50% of our stake pools monthly block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation and Sea Shepherd.
BFADAhttps://bonafideada.com/Our mission is to provide our ADA delegators with a bonafide staking service and a reliable source of passive income, while providing educational content for those new to Cardano and cryptocurrency.
YOADAhttps://www.yoada.fr/French hosted staking pool for the cardano network
XYZhttps://cardanopool.xyz/Pool XYZ is designed on diversity from the network to the people; we are a global pool for a global village. We have 7 registered & reliable relay nodes geographically distributed around the world: Australia, Germany, Ghana, Lithuania, London, Singapore, & United States. One of our key missions is to expand the Cardano node network across Africa. Furthermore, fostering Cardano blockchain technology infrastructure, education, development, & outreach throughout Africa is a vital mission we share with our partner WADA. XYZ is a proud sponsor of WADA and Virginia serves on its advisory council since Jan-2021.
BLOCKhttps://kblocks.net/We are the first stake pool on Shelley operated by a woman
BIOhttps://pool.bio/Our goal is to give environmental and species protection organizations as well as our delegators a voice to support the greatest gift we got: Nature. Our vision is a peaceful world where every being is treated equally and with respect. We truly believe that our future is important and we can only save it by saving our planet.
MALUhttps://maluiin.com/Working independently from them, we intend to bring uncensored internet to mountainous regions of West Papua.
CAOWhttps://adapools.org/pool/39cf1f61b6bf5be729aeb2ba387da41e62bc33a7ef46deb535cdb0f9?utm_source=appCardano On Wheels
LATINhttps://cardanolatino.com/cardanoenglish/Latino-Staking-Pool-Eng/Latino Staking Pool is identified by the ticker LATIN. We are a competitive staking pool infrastructure, deployed in the Cardano ecosystem. The Pool is operated by our company Cardano Latino LLC, which has been established in the state of Wyoming, USA. We are a family business that originated from the time of the Incentivized Testnet (ITN), continued during the Haskell Testnet (HTN) and now throughout the Shelley era and beyond, all with the purpose of offering our delegates an efficient and lucrative Staking Pool.
CARDShttps://www.cardanistas.io/Pool da comunidade falante de língua portuguesa | Apoie o ecossistema delegando seu stake na CARDs!
ALKULhttps://www.lalkul.com/aimed at facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology In the Middle East
CLAYhttps://www.claynation.io/stakeThe stakepool of renowned CNFT project Clay Nation. Making art, pushing NFT boundaries and supporting decentralisation.
ERAhttps://www.cpoolsunited.com/pool?id=ERATwo sisters one pool
TOROhttps://CryptoroPools.comSecure and reliable pool run out of Rhode Island by developers and entrepreneurs.
GINGRhttps://evaginger.comWe love Cardano
DUBAIhttps://twitter.com/io_natashaEnterprise level Cloud Infrastructure, 24/7 cyber security and performance monitoring, 100k pledge, 3% fixed fee. A Premium Pool to generate Rewards and support Smart Contracts, DApps and DeFi.
AVOChttp://AvocPool.comBy Nhi & Frank from Australia. Nhi is an accountant and runs the YouTube channel ‘Confused Avocado’ while Frank is a computer scientist. Pool is operated by Frank’s company Numic
ZOEhttps://zoepool.comThe first African Community based StakePool / https://instagram.com/zoepoolz / https://t.me/zoepool
HUSKYhttps://huskypool.comMaking Cardano accessible to farmers, grandmas & even furry animals
VERVEhttps://www.cardanoverve.com/Stake Pool run by an Indian Woman
WOMENhttps://womenpool.netA pool allocating profits to supporting and promoting Women and Young People in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
CCOLhttps://www.cardanocolombia.com.coWe help children get access to education, improve decentralization with our Colombian based server, and spread the word in spanish.
CFLOWhttps://www.cflowpool.com/Elevate your financial well-being while helping decentralization.
VIVIhttps://vivi-stakepool.com/Cardano to the moon
FIKAhttps://fikapool.com饺子运营的矿池.社区大神技术指导. 愿景:连接Cardano中文和国际社区. Hydro-powered pool. Pool Mission: drive Chinese-speaking investors into Cardano. Nodes Worldwide.