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Topic:  CCW: Accelerating Cardano Projects through Genius Yield Accelerator

N25 – 28 September 2022

Accelerating Cardano Projects with Tiffany Monteverde – Investor Relations Manager at Genius Yield. The all-in-one platform, that combines a concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimiser. This is not an exclusive-to-women only group and everyone is very welcome.

Topic:  Why diversity is at the heart of Cardano and what actions the foundation takes

N24 – 7 September 2022

Lynn Gummow, Vice President of Operations at Cardano Foundation. Lynn is responsible for all the legal needs of the Cardano Foundation, both from an internal compliance perspective and supporting the Foundation’s mission. Previously she severed as the Associate Director of Lucerne Graduate Academy for Law and Economics and has held other roles as an attorney. An interview led by Allison Fromm. This is not an exclusive-to-women only group and everyone is very welcome

Connect with Lynn Gummow:…

Topic:  Create a dReps’ Equity Resource Hub

N23 – 31 August 2022

Kristin Bond speaking about her proposal in Fund9: Create a dReps’ Equity Resource Hub. Kristin specializes in building world-class technical recruiting functions and inclusive teams, previously hiring technical talent for companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Website:

Connect with Kristin Bond:

Topic:  Investing in Africa, Elevating African Leadership & COP27

N22 – 24 August 2022

Elise Buckle – President of Climate & Sustainability and Co-founder of SHE Changes Climate. Elise has worked as a UElise Buckle – President of Climate & Sustainability and Co-founder of SHE Changes Climate. Elise has worked as a United Nations special advisor to several high-level diplomats and led several successful global and political campaigns at the EU Parliament, in Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America. Elise will speak about Investing in Africa and COP27.

Topic:  Women In Move Solutions

N21 – 3 August 2022

Girls education in Africa is very low due to poverty, cultural gender preferences, religious beliefs and due to lack of resources. Cardano lacks firm roots in Africa and worse lacks utility value. Website:…

Topic:  Insecurity in the Crypto Space – Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) for Cardano

N20 – 20 July 2022

An explosion of protocols, DApps, DEXs, NFTs and other artifacts of blockchain has led to an expanded attack surface for threat actors seeking to capitalize on victims in these ecosystems. We propose the build-out of an open source Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) for the Cardano community supplemented by portal access, a training module, and a YouTube video on why TIPs are important. Cyber Threat Intelligence Network (CTIN) is a company that has provided training and consulting services in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific since 2014. Customers include MITRE, ENISA, ISACs and ISAOs. CTIN is active member of OASIS-Open, an international technical standards body.… Cyber Threat Intelligence Network website: https://cyberthreatintelligencenetwor… Intro:

Topic:  Cardano Catalyst Women: Cross-Chain Collaborations ideas

N19 – 13 July 2022

Catalyst Fund9: Cross-Chain Collaboration Budget: $900,000 in ADA Problem statement: In the next 6-12 months, how might we create new connections between blockchain communities and how do we enhance existing collaboration? The end goal: Let’s create an enriching, open and safe environment, where people from different communities can find common ground and share knowledge, resources, skills, ideas, and visions with one another.

Topic:  How can we address social & environmental issues thanks to blockchain?

N18 – 29 June 2022

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues. Anaïs has an engineering degree specializing in sustainability and a master’s degree in innovation from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC. Her curiosity and passion for learning new things led her to join the Cardadhift team. She was drawn to the impact-oriented vision of Cardashift. She has contributed to building the impact assessment framework and sourcing the ambitious projects of our first batch. She is also involved a lot in relations with Cardashift & Cardano Community (you may have met her at Consensus!). She is today working on how impact-led projects can leverage blockchain technology to succeed and make their impact bigger. Cardashift website:

Topic:  Cardano Woman: Breathtaking story of creating with Advitha Ashok

N17 – 15 June 2022

Advitha Ashok is Co-founder and COO of Konma and founder and Nutritionist at Diet and Beyond ( She is telling her story how she found this idea and what made her decide to improve Konma and create Konma is an international organization. They are building a global marketplace which will be entirely community driven and truly values the members within. A non-competitive marketplace for Food, Art and Lifestyle products and services offered by small business owners and passionate individuals.

Topic:  Cardano Women: The compelling story of Mercy A. Fordwoo from Wada

N16 – 1 June 2022

Mercy A. Fordwoo is the Coordination Lead for Wada ( She has extensive experience in project management and process improvement. She’s the Circle v3 representative for Funded Proposers (Catalyst Coordinators) due to her passion for decentralized governance and is always ready for new challenges.

Topic:  Cultivating a Healthy Catalyst Culture with Tomi Astikainen

N15 – 18 May 2022

How might we establish and maintain inclusive and lively Catalyst Culture to explore the highest potential of human collaboration?

Same things get discussed over and over again, nothing gets done. People have no mandate to drive change. No room for leadership to emerge.

Topic: Exploring unique opportunities for Cardano and Polkadot ecosystems with Christine Mohan

N14 – 4 May 2022

Christine Mohan is Vice President of Business Development at KILT Protocol | CMO, Web3 Foundation and Polkadot | Co-founder Civil Media | New York Times | Wall Street Journal KILT invites collaboration from both communities to explore possibilities for practical cross-chain use cases aiming for interoperability between Cardano and Polkadot/Kusama (Dotsama) ecosystems. Findings from this initial exploration form the basis for further collaboration. The results are shared openly so that other projects exploring similar opportunities can also get started. KILT Technology and Interoperability with Cardano.

Topic: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) & Atala PRISM with Allison Fromm

N13 – 27 Apr 2022

Allison Fromm presents Cardano’s Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology to improve the Catalyst Community Advisor process by adding an onboarding course for Community Advisors.

Crypto Ally is building decentralized identity and governance in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Learn more at

Topic: TOXICA Feature Film NFT by Rona Walter

N12 – 20 Apr 2022

Toxica is the first full-length feature film exclusively on the Cardano platform as an NFT. We had very inspiring and honest conversation with Rona Walker who shared all the challenges they had to go through in order to make this project live.

Learn more about Toxica at

Topic: How to thrive in the overwhelming ecosystem by Angela, Plutus pioneer

N11 – 6 Apr 2022

How to thrive in the overwhelming ecosystem by Angela, Plutus pioneer

Follow Angela on Twitter:

Learn more about Plutus Pioneer Program:…

Topic: The Power of Trusted Relationships

N10 – 30 Mar 2022

The mission of OneUpOneDown is to transform the way we connect by building trusted relationships and through the shared knowledge and network, transform the way business, politics, and the world is run. OneUpOneDown is a highly scalable AI mentor matching platform and framework that connects women from all over the world with their perfect match.

Join OneUpOneDown at:

Topic: Women of Cardano Spotlights 🥟Bullish Dumpling🥟 Building trust between projects and people.

N9 – 23 Mar 2022

Who is Bullish Dumpling? 🥟

• Chinese community builder, built a CN speaking community from scratch during the last 12 months

• Twitter space host-Dumpling Space, hosted projects include: CEO of Cardano Foundation, Maladex, Muesliswap, Ergo, ClayMates

• No bullshit interviewer, some guests: WMT, dcSpark, HOSKY, Empowa

• Opinion leader on Dumplings and Chinatown restaurants

• Catalyst Circle rep for Cardano Foundation

Follow on Twitter: or

Topic: Cardano Opportunities for Women: Don’t Ms. the CA Boat!

N8 – 16 Mar 2022

A Panel of Women CAs from the Catalyst Community to Share their Experience on the impact of the role.

Community Advisor Assessment Guide

Topic: Do we really need women in Cardano Catalyst Project? 

N7 – 9 Mar 2022

A very direct and honest discussion with Dr. Mihaela Ulieru – President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy – Technology Alchemist Innovating at the nexus AI/IoT/Blockchain and Strategic Impact OfficerStrategic Impact Officer at Input Output (IOHK).

Top Six “Women to Watch in Crypto and Blockchain” Technology Section:

Topic: Considering a Constitution: A Catalyst Women ‘After Town Hall’ Provocation

N6 – 2 Mar 2022

“When the women begin to take active part in the struggle, no power on earth can stop us from achieving freedom in our lifetime.”

Presentation by Jo Allum. Link to the presentation here.

Follow Jo on Twitter: ​​

Topic: Catalyst Women: SPO’s – Relationship to ecosystem & women SPO’s

N5 – 23 Feb 2022

In this session, we have invited the very well-known MermADA to talk about SPO’s. ​​Metro Mermaids is a stake pool TAILS. They are a charity staking pool donating 50% of their pool block rewards from every month to coral restoration & ocean protection. Half of their 50% donation is sent to Coral Restoration Foundation, the other 50% to Sea Shepherd.

Topic: Women in Blockchain

N4 – 16 Feb 2022

OneUpOneDown Breakout rooms initiative

Our goal for this session was to start building a strong layer of coordination between all women initiatives within the Cardano Catalyst community. Discussion on Cross-Chain Relationships and Catalyst Onboarding brought us to the following structure:

Topic: Bringing More Women to Cardano through Mentorship #3

N3 – 9 Feb 2022

OneUpOneDown Breakout rooms initiative

Exploration discussion.

Topic: Catalyst Culture – Bringing more Women into the Cardano Ecosystem through Mentorship

N2 – 2 Feb 2022

OneUpOneDown Breakout rooms initiative

Exploration discussion.

Topic: Governance Week – Bringing more Women Through Mentorship 

N1 – 26 Jan 2022

OneUpOneDown Breakout rooms initiative

Exploration discussion.




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